Monday, October 31, 2011

Redbox price increase: Will it stir backlash, too?

Redbox price increase, which begins Monday, will raise standard DVD rental from $1 to $1.20 a day. The Redbox price increase risks a consumer backlash similar to the one against Netflix.

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  1. I don't think that this increase will stir as much of a backlash as Netflix did, but whenever you increase the price people are used to paying you will run into backlash from of the consumers. Still increases are increases, I dropped Netflix when they announced the increase, I didn't need streaming and movies that bad. Amazingly there were a lot of people who didn't have a problem with it seeing how they only lost 800k in subscribers, about 1/20 of their total. I have been using Redbox for the occasionally impulse movie when I am leaving the McDonald's, but with the changed to fees, and now an increase there, I don't want to give the bank the pleasure of me using a Debit Card. Working at DISH I of course knew about the Blockbuster movie pass, but hadn't thought too much about it until the increase was released for Redbox. For $10.00 a month I get DVD by mail including Blu-ray, 20 additional movie channels on the tube, and streaming to both the television and computer. The best of everything, and 3 months free to start. I think this is a great option for DISH customers when you look at the price increases in that industry.